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Peng Chau

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View of a group of typical Peng Chau houses.

Peng Chau is a small island, known for its famous fresh seafood, and the relaxed, laid back local lifestyle. The main attractions of Peng Chau are Finger Hill, the tallest point of the island, which offers stunning views of Peng Chau and the surrounding islands, and the town centre, with stores selling seafood, traditional Chinese furniture and fresh fruit and vegetables.

We travelled on the Kai To Ferry – an old, dilapidated boat – to Peng Chau, and arrived in the town centre. The bustling town centre was full of local shoppers, buying their daily groceries from the wet market and stores selling dried fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, and assortments of meat.

I had a stroll around a store which was already a decade old (according to the shop keeper), which sold traditional Chinese furniture, and was famous throughout all of Hong Kong for authentic, antique furniture. There was a large variety of interesting furniture; from Ming Dynasty dining chairs, to carved elephant heads, to Tibetan style drawers. I bought a small wooden name card holder with engravings of lucky Chinese sayings for my Dad, at a very reasonable price of $30.

It was getting hot, so we decided to grab a cold drink at a local café/restaurant. After navigating around the town centre, we settled on a small corner café in the town square, where we had refreshing Hong Kong-style Iced Lemon Teas. The town square was very peaceful, with elderly people sitting on plastic chairs under the trees chatting, and the calm, sea breeze blowing across the piazza.

Overall, it was a great experience to be able to gain a little insight into the simple lifestyle of Peng Chau’s residents.


Written by patrickcampbellhk

November 14, 2010 at 1:54 PM

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